*We attended your 2:00PM, October 27 performance of the play, Driving Miss Daisy.  All of the nuances of the main character, down to mannerisms and hand motions, quickly established her as lifelike . . . real.  Her role, and that of the driver, were carried out masterfully.  Both the humor embedded in the script, and the ability of the on-stage performers to reach out and engage the audience as real-life characters, made for a most wonderful experience.  They brought us -- no, they pulled us -- into their worlds.

*For ninety minutes, we were transformed into an earlier time.

*We had invited our daughter, Julie, to attend with us.  Diving home, we were able to discuss the themes presented in this production.  She did not understand the concept of "bigotry", and we were able to explain that bigotry is dislike or hate for a person, not because of anything they did
or did not do, but because of who they are.

*Well directed, superbly acted, and presenting a theme that is oh so relevent during this time when history is repeating itself.